"A brother is a friend given by Nature."
--Jean Baptiste Legouve










The camp program is a six-day, five-night camp experience. Supervised by volunteer counselors, the campers' days are filled with fun and meaningful activities, giving siblings the opportunity to experience new things together, such as horseback riding, rafting, swimming and wall climbing.

Each afternoon the children participate in art activities, while nights are filled with activities for the entire camp, including motivational speakers.

What Makes Camp To Belong Georgia Special?

In addition to traditional camp activities, Camp To Belong offers three programs implemented during the camp session. These signature programs are the Life Seminar Program, the Sibling Enhancement Program and the Art Expression Program.

Life Seminar Program
Campers, 14 years and older, are given the opportunity to participate in the Life Seminar Program. This program is designed to support teenagers in foster care as they approach their emancipation from the foster system. It educates them about life choices available after high school.

During camp, teens enjoy a morning of considering their plans for the future. College counselors, career planners, military recruiters and representatives from service organizations present the teen campers with information on different paths available after high school. Often, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to think about what they want to do after high school in a small group with knowledgable counselors and marks the beginning of their dream of higher education. Skills for successful adult living are also discussed, emphasizing pride and excellence, including conflict resolution, anger management, diversity tolerance and relationship building.

Sibling Enhancement Program
The Sibling Enhancement Program is designed as an intervention tool for sibling groups who are struggling to communicate with each other. With innovative strategies, our experts facilitate discussion and subsequent healing between brothers and sisters whose relationship has been fragmented due to their separation.

Art Expression Program
Designed especially for Camp To Belong, this event has aided hundreds of siblings to express themselves in a unique and positive format. This arts and crafts program helps brothers and sisters to reflect and show their innermost feelings toward their siblings. Some of our art projects, like the “Sibling Pillow Project” have become signature pieces of Camp To Belong.