Frequently Asked Questions


What is Camp To Belong – Georgia?

Camp to Belong – Georgia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to reunite siblings placed in separate foster homes or other out-of-home care for events that promote sibling connections.  Our signature program is a week-long summer camp for siblings separated by foster care.

Where is Camp To Belong Georgia held?

Camp to Belong Georgia is held at Camp Twin Lakes in Warm Springs, Georgia.

How many campers attend? 

Nearly 80 children from across the state attend camp.

what is the cost for each camper?

The cost for each camper is approximately $800.00, however campers are not responsible for this fee. Campers attend through the generous support of our donors and sponsors.

What happens at camp?

Brothers and sisters in out of home care come together in a safe, nurturing, week-long summer camp environment where they can create childhood memories together with programming designed to strengthen brothers and sisters’ ties. 

Are siblings placed together?

Yes! We group our campers by families so that siblings have the opportunity to spend the most time together possible participating in activities, sharing rooms (same sex siblings) and eating meals together.

Where does Camp To Belong Georgia get its support?

Camp To Belong Georgia has a strategic partnership with Camp Twin Lakes, a nonprofit that provides its facilities for the use of camps for children facing serious illnesses and other physical and emotional life challenges. Camp to Belong cultivates relationships with local and national partners, who contribute monetary and in-kind donations.

How do you find counselors? How many counselors participate in camp?

Counselors from all walks of life volunteer to serve at camp. They are social workers, nurses, retirees and other professionals with a love for children, who want to give of their own time to better the life of the campers. For every 2 campers, CTB-GA recruits one counselor to become a part of their camp family.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved: through monetary donations, in-kind donations or become a camp counselor volunteer. In order to guarantee that camp is free for all participating children, CTB-GA is working hard to raise funds that will cover the cost of camp operations.

How do I learn more?

To learn more, feel free to contact us.

Camp FAQs


How many counselors to camper ratio?

Camper to counselor ratio is 2:1. In addition, during camp we have a staff of over 50 individuals along with volunteer nurses and therapists on staff.

What are the requirements and qualifications for your campers?

Campers must be mobile, capable of benefiting from one-week residential experiences with structured support, able to listen and follow simple directions, communicate adequately to meet their interests and needs, manage basic self-care skills such as eating, dressing and using the toilet, do not need significant medical or behavioral support (do not exhibit significant behavioral or aggression traits, do not need individual nursing support to manage health needs). Campers should enjoy outdoor and group activities.

What about persons with specific dietary needs?

The application and medical forms will allow you to inform of us of any special dietary needs.

How many campers will be there? How many counselors will you have?

Each session we host approximately 80 campers. We have one counselor/volunteer for every two campers.

Where do campers come from?

A large portion come from the greater metro Atlanta area, but we accept campers from all over the state.

Do you provide transportation to camp?

There are two designated camper drop off points. Buses then transport the campers to the camp host site.

How many campers/counselors per cabin?

There will be approximately 5-7 campers and 2-3 counselors in each cabin. Cabins have heat, bathrooms and showers.

Will campers go off site for any activities?

No off-site activities are planned at this time.

What if there is a medical emergency?

Each session will have a physician who will be on call. The Director of Health Services will be supported by nurses. All medical concerns will be directed immediately to the Health Services Director and the nurses. There will be radios with every group of campers at all times, so that the nurse can be notified immediately if there is an unexpected incident/injury. In the case of a serious injury or emergency (volunteer or camper), the Health Services Director or a nurse will contact camp doctor, treat the camper/volunteer at camp as directed by the -physician, and/or oversee transport of the camper/volunteer to the most appropriate and closest medical facility. Individuals listed as emergency contacts on the volunteer Health and Emergency Form (or camper medical form) will be contacted prior to or while in route.

Volunteer FAQs


What are the facilities at camp like?

Camp To Belong – Georgia is held at Camp Twin Lakes camp site located in Warm Springs, Georgia. Camp includes two lodges, one for boys and one for girls. Each lodge is air conditioned and has a large living area in the center surrounded by several individual bunk rooms. Each bunk room has 6 bunk beds and includes a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.

What does a typical day at camp look like?

Morning/Afternoon – Campers will participate in group activities. Recreational activities may include giant swing, challenge course, basketball, soccer, bocce, nature hikes, canoeing, fishing,arts/crafts, dance, etc. Special Programming includes Life Skills seminars, sibling birthday parties and evening campfires!

Evening - All of the campers will have an opportunity to explore their artistic talents and improve their social skills. Activities include dancing, music and singing, skits, board games, talent shows and camp fire story telling.

How old do I have to be to be a counselor?

Counselor volunteers need to be at least 19 years old and out of high school.

Will I be left alone with my campers?

No. Counselors work in teams. We strive to maintain a 2:1 camper to counselor ratio during all activities and in the lodges and bunk rooms. Under no circumstance are counselors to be left alone with a camper.

Will I have free time?

Yes. Since counselors are working in teams, if you need to take a break of have a specific time you need to get away, you will have others to back you up. We will also have “Floater Volunteers” who can watch your campers while you are away.

Do I need experience as a counselor or with the target population?

No experience is necessary. Each cabin will have at least one counselor who has extensive experience with the our population. Otherwise, you just need to have a caring, patient and enthusiastic personality and focus on your campers.

Will there be any training prior to arrival at camp?

Yes, all volunteers are required to participate in counselor training which takes places 2 days before camp. It is intense but fun! It will introduce you to our program and help you to understand why we do what we do and how to work with our camper population.

Do you do background checks on your counselors?

Yes. Every volunteer is required to apply and complete a background check, child abuse check. We have to keep our kids safe!